tarot illustration (English)
©Jytte Hviid

Jytte Hviid

illustration & design

Several years ago I happened to stumble over a cheap deck of Tarot cards in a flea market.


I was immediately thrilled by the mysterious images of the cards. I wanted to know more about the meaning of the cards and I started to

google and study library books.


I then discovered that the Tarot had been interpreted by various artists in many different and uniquely personal ways.


I also learned more about the meaning and history of the cards.


Soon I wanted to try and make my own versions of the cards.


Then the thought struck me that there was an awful lot of men with white beards in the cards. If I was to put red caps on them they would look like Santas. And if I was to ajust the colours and make winter landscapes in the backgrounds they could pass as Victorian style Christmas cards.


I went to work. And this is the result so far. I started out from the classic immages of the Marseilles Tarot. The 'before'-pictures can be seen in the lower right corners.


Some of the cards are available as Christmas cards in my Etsy shop.



The Fool


The Fool © Jytte Hviid

The Tarot deck consists of an 'ordinary' deck of cards with four suits: the Minor Arcana, and 22 trump cards known as the Major Arcana.


The Fool is the first card of the Major Arcana, card zero. The Fool card stands for happy-go-lucky optimism, beginner's luck,

fearlessness. He is the jester, the unfeigned Lucky Jim from the fairy tale that gets both the princess and half the kingdom in the end.


The Christmas Fool card shows a happy wacky Santa on skis. His staff

is a ski stick and his sack is full of pressies and goodies.

Available as Christmas card in the webshop.

VII The Chariot


The Chariot ©Jytte Hviid

The Chariot card is the card of balance and control over chaos.


In my Christmas make-over of the card, the horses and chariot have become Santa's sleigh driven by two crazy reindeers at a fierce pace. But Santa is in full control and has both reins and tree in a firm grip. All children will get their presents in time!


Available as Christmas card in the webshop.

VIIII The Hermit


The Hermit © Jytte Hviid

The traditional Hermit Tarot card almost looks like a Victorian Christmas card as it is.


In my version I added a red cap on his head, some pressies in his sack and made a wintery landscape in the background.


The Hermit represents the need to get away from the stressful hustle and bustle of everyday life in order to meditate, study and look for inner guidance. It is the card to remind us to slow down and take some time for ourselves, something easy to forget this time of the year.


Available as Christmas card in the webshop.


XX The Angel


The Angel © Jytte Hviid

In some older decks this card is called 'The Angel', which I thought sounded a lot more christmasy than 'Judgement' which is the common name of this card.


This is the card for evaluation, truth and consequence, followed by rebirth.


In this version the sweet and lovely Angel of Christmas suddenly appears in the sky and trumpets the merry holiday message to happy winter children. The flag of the original card is now a Christmas present with red ribbons.


Available as Christmas card in the webshop.


Knight of Wands


Knight of Wands © Jytte Hviid

The Knight of Wands card belongs to the Minor Arcana which consists of four suits just like our 'ordinary' deck of cards: Cups, Wands, Coins and Swords. The suit of Wands is equivalent of the suit of Clubs. The element of the suit of Wands is fire.


The Knight of Wands card symbolises a brave, proud, strong-headed, original and unpredictable person with lots of self-confidence.


Here, the Knight of Wands has become St. Stephen, the stable boy on his grey steed, with a torch in the dark, starry winter night.


According the myth, St. Steven was the first to acknowledge the birth of baby Jesus. He has his own song in Sweden, sung on the 13 December - 'Staffan Stalledräng'. Also, St. Stephen's Day is celebrated on 26 or 27 December in large parts of the world.


Available as Christmas card in the webshop.




XIII © Jytte Hviid

This is the very D-card, which is not such a bad card as you might think. It is just a symbol of transition. I have made a snow man of Death, and I think he is rather cute! And I do like the symbolism - death himself is transitionary!


No, this card is not available as Christmas card in the webshop.



XVIII The Moon


The Moon © Jytte Hviid

The moon card is the image of a traditional Swedish crayfish (and snaps) party which allways takes place in August when the moon is full.


I transformed the two crazy doglike creatures into two dog-drunk men whith snaps-glasses and party hats.


Three of Cups


Three of Cups © Jytte Hviid

The Three of Cups card belongs to the Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana consists of four suits: Cups, Wands, Coins and Swords. The suit of Cups is equivalent of the suit of Hearts in an ordinary deck.


The Three of Cups card stands for gratitude, celebration, happiness,

friendship and abundance - in short, a perfect Easter celebration card.


I have transformed the classic Three of Cups card of the Marseilles

Tarot into a happy spring-flowery Easter card. The cups became egg-cups and I decorated with pansies, willow branches ands daisies.


Available as Easter card in the webshop.